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Sirius Satellite Radio 12 Volt Vehicle Power Charger Cla For Sportster, Sportster Replay, Starmate ST1, Starmate Replay ST2, Streamer Gt, Streamer Gtr, Xact XTR7, Xact XTR8, Jvc SR2000, Orbiter, Sirius One, Xact Visor And Jvc SR3000

12 Volt Vehicle Power Charger Cla

Satellite Radio Superstore

Model: 12V-SRLG
UPS: 856000004346
Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

The 12 Volt Vehicle Power - a great item from Satellite Radio Superstore is a brilliant product should you be searching to buy the latest car satellite. Model# 0856000004346. The color for these satellites is black. In my opinion you will love that it features sirius 12 volt dc power adapter for legacy sirius receivers. Getting a 12 Volt Vehicle Power.


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