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Audiovox Sirius SIREXT50 Indoor/outdoor Antenna Extension 50-FEET Cable - Black

Audiovox Sirius SIREXT50 Indooroutdoor


Model: SIREXT50
UPS: 034405001669
Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

The Audiovox Sirius SIREXT50 is a fantastic satellite. Audiovox Sirius SIREXT50 is undoubtedly an instance of high quality satellite you will get using the internet. For those who are wishing to purchase a car satellite, you have come to the ideal place. We supply you special discounted rates with this great product with secure transaction. I in fact liked that the satellite has the feature of boost the signal: an in-line singal amplifier boosts the signal strength through the length of the combined cable. 0034405001669 is the EAN-13 barcode for this car satellite. The satellite comes in black. It's dimensions are 11"H x 10"L x 2"W. It has got a weight of 2 lbs. It comes with a warranty of 1 year supplied by the manufacturer.

Add 50' to the length from the Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna Cable. Easy setup: Simply place the Indoor/Outdoor Home Antenna where the strongest signal is. Boost the signal: An in-line signal amplifier boosts the signal strength by signifies of the length from the combined cable. For use with single input Sirius receivers Provides and additional 50 feet of cable, Climate Resistant Portable and SIRIUS|XM Mi RGE Radio Home Kits and Sound Systems also as all SIRIUS-ready Tuners. For use indoors or out: Weather-resistant rubber cover protects the connection to the Home Antenna.


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