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Audiovox Car XMH10A Xpress Home Kit

Car XMH10A Xpress Home Kit


Model: XMH10A
UPS: 044476036965
Package Quantity: 1

Looking around for a car satellite? The Car XMH10A Xpress Home Kit is a great solution. One of the many major features for this satellite is the tabletop docking station powers and charges xpress while you listen. It's dimensions are 12"H x 8"L x 2"W. It weighs approximately 1 lbs. The warranty these satellites come with is 12 month limited warranty on car audio. Car XMH10A Xpress Home Kit . For the best offer for this product in addition to other car satellites, click on our store button.

The Audiovox Xpress WMH10A home dock offers everything you should enjoy your Xpress plug-and-play satellite radio through your property stereo speakers. The kit, which is designed exclusively for the Audiovox Xpress, carries a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Finally, the kit's RCA audio cables run from the docking station's output to amongst the unused inputs on your property stereo receiver. The weather-resistant home antenna, meanwhile, comes with a 21-foot cable, so you can install the antenna on an outdoor windowsill to receive the best achievable reception. The kit starts making use of a tabletop docking station that cradles your Xpress at an easy-to-access angle, in addition to an AC energy adapter that powers and charges your Xpress while you listen.


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