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Delphi Roady Xt Xm Satellite Radio Vehicle Kit

Roady Xt Xm Satellite Radio Vehicle Kit

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Model: SA10178
UPS: 689604161432
Package Quantity: 1

I in fact liked that the product has the feature of xm satellite radio vehicle kit for use with delphi roady xt receiver (sold separately). The EAN barcode for this is 0689604161432. The satellite dimensions are 0.7"H x 2.25"L x 3.7"W and weighs only 0.16 lbs. Getting a Roady Xt Xm Satellite , select the weblink below.

Adaptable to any automobile with an current audio system, the Delphi Roady XT vehicle kit provides access to XM satellite radio's 100-plus all-digital channels through your car's stereo speakers. The cassette adapter is specifically helpful for cars with traditional tape decks, as it lets the listener play the Roady XT without employing the XT's FM transmitter. The automobile kit, which needs a Roady XT receiver (sold separately) in addition to a subscription to XM radio, is backed by a one-year warranty. The kit comes having a car docking cradle with both hard and soft dash-mounting options; a small magnetic antenna that attaches to your car's roof or trunk; a cassette adapter; together with a 5-volt DC power adapter.


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