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Delphi SA50000 Xm Skyfi Radio Receiver

SA50000 Xm Skyfi Radio Receiver

Delphi Products

Model: SA50000
UPS: 689604153444
Package Quantity: 1

Often you'll get lower prices by buying online than you might in real stores. When you are scouting for a satellite We have come up with very good info. See the SA50000 Xm Skyfi Radio Receiver , a great satellite from Delphi Products. Among the list of best features for this satellite is the delivers more than 150 high-quality, xm satellite radio stations. The barcode for this is 689604153444. Are you presently thinking about getting a car satellite and you are simply looking for the very best price for this product? Possibly, you need to know the views of some other clients before you buy it? If so you are in the right spot. To purchase the product now at the best price, visit our partners via the button.

The Delphi Sky Fi Satellite Radio is 1 utilizing the most versatile receivers available and may possibly be moved effortlessly (with optional kits, sold separately) between your car, house and boat. Preview mode lets you see what's playing on other channels prior to making a choice. Includes remote control and 20 channel presets. An advanced, customizable, 5-line display can simultaneously show channel plus song, artist and title.

Delphi's XM SKYFi Radio Receiver gives you plug-and-play satellite radio for the car, home, office, or virtually anywhere you want to enjoy XM's 101 channels of programming. SKYFi is your XM satellite-radio interface, pulling in the radio signal and letting you navigate between channels. Besides a monthly subscription to XM Radio ($9. 99 per month) , you'll need a home or automobile kit in order to listen to the SKYFi receiver.

The SKYFi receiver's large display concurrently shows channel number, channel name, artist name, song title, and channel category. Select a sizable font size for viewing the song title, artist name or channel quantity from across the space. SKYFi also comes with a remote manage for convenient channel navigation.

You can navigate through direct-channel entry from each the receiver at the exact same time as the remote, and you can system as considerably as 20 channel presets for one-button tuning to your station of choice. In addition, a"favorites"mode lets you preview the artist name and song title currently playing on your favorite channels before you select one. You might also skip or add channels while scrolling. The channel guide lets you view 5 channels at a time while scrolling by signifies of the channels by channel name, number, artist name, or song title.


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