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Arkon SR112 Friction Dashboard And Windshield Mount For Satellite Radios

SR112 Friction Dashboard And Windshield


Model: SR112
UPS: 782695343944
Color: Black
Package Quantity: 1

Among the many features is the friction dashboard mount includes optional safety anchor. Additional features include things like can also be used as a garmin nuvi mount and super strong suction mount. The car satellite dimensions are 3" Height x 8" Length x 6" Width. It weighs roughly 2 lbs. The color of the satellite is black. Are you presently looking at buying the Arkon SR112 Friction Dashboard And Windshield Mount For Satellite Radios in black and you are simply looking for the best price for this item? Possibly, you wish to know the opinions of some other clients before you purchase a satellite? In this case you are in the right place. Lowest price Arkon SR112 Friction Dashboard And Windshield Mount For Satellite Radios in black. I want you to get the best price when shopping for a car satellite. Please click on our partners via the button below.

Arkon's SR112 Friction Dashboard and Windshield Suction mount is compatible with XM Sirius Satellite radio receivers. The dashboard mount might be removed easily from the dash to place below your seat or be taken to one more vehicle. Arkon's friction dashboard mount includes an adhesive safety anchor for added stability. The Travelmount connects straight to the XM Single- T connection on the back in the receiver. If you pick to mount on the windshield the mount included might also be utilised as a stand-alone mount which will not fall off the windshield. Compatible with: Audio Vox Xpress, Audio Vox Xpress EZ, Audio Vox Xpress R, Audiovox Xpress RC, Audio Vox Xpress RCi, Audiovox and Jensen XR9, Delphi My Fi, Delphi Sky Fi and Sky Fi2, Delphi Sky Fi3,Delphi Roady and Roady2, Delphi Roady XT, Pioneer Air Ware, Pioneer Inno, Pioneer XMP3 and Audiovox XMP3i, Samsung Helix, Samsung Nexus 25 and 50, TAO XM2GO, XM onyx, SIRIUS Sportster, SIRIUS Sportster 3, SIRIUS Sportster 4, SIRIUS Sportster 5, SIRIUS Sportster Replay, SIRIUS Starmate 3, SIRIUS Starmate 4, SIRIUS Starmate 5, SIRIUS Stratus 4, SIRIUS Stratus 5, SIRIUS Stratus 6, SIRIUS Stratus SV3, SIRIUS XM Mi RGE SR112 consists of a super strong swivel suction mount and a weighted friction dash mount that supplies a glass like surface on your dashboard to mount your Satellite Radio. Most other friction dashboard mounts solely rely on the weight of the mount to secure it to the car. Dashboard mounting is preferred in Minnesota and California where the use of windshield mounts is restricted. An adapter plate is included to connect straight to the back of your Sirius radio offering a quick release connection. The mini friction dashboard mount is suitable for deep, slightly slanted, or flat dashboards.


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