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Sirius SV2-TK1 In V Satellite Radio With Car Kit

SV2TK1 In V Satellite Radio With Car
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Sirius Satellite Radio

Model: InV
UPS: 884720010453
Package Quantity: 1

Often you will get lower prices when you purchase via the internet than you'd probably in real shops. In my opinion you will love that the satellite includes this feature of measures 4. 5 x 1. 9 x 0. 7 inches (w x h x d) 1-year warranty. The manufacturer's number for this incredible satellite is SV2-TK1. The satellite dimensions are 2" Height x 4" Length x 1" Width. Where to buy the SV2TK1 In V Satellite Radio With Car . To get the same great deal I found, click on our affilate add to shopping cart button on this page.

One of Sirius's easiest to use and most affordable receivers, the Sirius In V is a need to for satellite radio fans who want a less-expensive entry in to the market. As well as the receiver, the kit includes a power adapter that connects to your car's 12- volt cigarette lighter plug, a vehicle antenna for enhanced reception, and a dash mount. However, the receiver does offer a total in-car solution, with a design that's perfect for smaller vehicles with tight mounting locations. Note that the In V doesn't support Sirius's universal docking architecture--unlike the comparably priced Stratus--so you'll have to connect it to your stereo console via wires. Once you're connected, you'll have the possible to decode the incoming digital-quality signal from over 130 music, news, sports, talk, and entertainment channels, several of them commercial-free. Just like other Sirius-compatible receivers, the In V offers a large, easy-to-read display and an intuitive front control panel. But more significantly for people who spend a great deal of time in the car, the In V is designed to seamlessly complement your driving routine thanks for the bundled car kit.

An intuitive three-line display tells you the channel name and number, artist name, and song title. And having a quick press of the One- Touch Jump button, you can instantly switch in amongst the targeted traffic and weather reports for your city or any from the other music, news, or entertainment channels. Other programming facts include direct station tuning through the numeric buttons plus a channel lock option. The receiver also lets you program as considerably as 10 presets of your favorite streams, also as search by channel name and music category.

The In V also consists of a built-in FM transmitter that sends Sirius radio programming to your vehicle's FM tuner, so you don't have to make a direct connection to enjoy the complete array of channels. Simply set an empty FM frequency on your radio and tune the In V to exactly the precise same frequency (the transmitter supports as much as 100 frequencies ). The transmitter also functions with other FM tuners, like the one on your home stereo, but is easily paired with the car thanks to the vehicle kit, which contains every thing you require for listening to Sirius while driving.

Other features include a real-time clock; a parental lock function that restricts your children's access to off-color material; and compatibility with a separately sold wireless remote control. 5 by 1. The In V, which measures 4. 7 inches (W x H x D) , is backed by a one-year warranty. 9 by 0.


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