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Audiovox XMCK-10A Xm Xpress Satellite Radio Car Kit

XMCK10A Xm Xpress Satellite Radio Car


Model: XMCK-10
UPS: 044476030666
Color: Silver
Package Quantity: 1

Purchasing satellites for your auto? The XMCK-10A Xm Xpress a great item by Audiovox is an excellent product. I actually loved that it has comes with the smallest available, magnetic roof-mount antennar. It's dimensions are 2.4" Height x 1.2" Length x 4.4" Width. It weighs only 1 lbs. The color of the satellite is silver. The part number for this is XMCK-10.

The Xpress XM7 XM satellite radio receiver is full of features, controlled with buttons that include display, search, menu, a rotary/select knob, power/IR eye, memory, preset/direct, jump, and 10 presets/numbers. Not only does this unit provide plenty of music and radio stations with dynamic signifies of searching for desired content by artist, genre, or others, but it can provide you with a stock ticker that permits you to monitor up to 20 stocks, plus it offers info extras so you can stick to things like the scores for your favorite sports teams. The display button lets you choose between artist, song, title and data service info, while memory lets you store up to 20 song/title/artist combinations so you can appear later at a thing that caught your interest.

The XM7 receiver features an internal wireless FM transmitter, which enables you to play XM satellite radio content via any audio device with an FM radio receiver with out the demand for (or hassle of) hardwire connections. For added convenience, this system comes with an IR remote control that can operate the majority of the features of your XM unit with buttons that act precisely the identical as those on the receiver. Not only can you set your XM unit to automatically turn on and off when energy comes on or goes off, but you can have it turn off through the sleep timer that may possibly be set to 15, 30 or 45 minutes, or possibly 1, 2 or 3 hours.

The XMCK-10A automobile kit includes a swivel bracket so you can mount your docking station at the most optimal usage angle, and a cigarette lighter 12-volt to 5-volt DC energy adapter to provide energy as well as recharge your XM7 receiver. The docking station in this kit even includes an auxiliary audio input so you can use it to connect an MP3 player or other peripheral audio device to your auto stereo. 44 x 2. 22 inches (W x H x D) , and is backed by a manufacturer's restricted 12-month warranty. The Xpress XM7 tuner has 3. This unit includes the smallest available magnetic roof-mount XM satellite antenna, and even comes with a CLA female socket that can be hardwired to your car's battery in case you do not have an open auto cigarette lighter. 5-millimeter mini-stereo audio input and output jacks, a built-in RF SMB connector for an external antenna, and runs on 5 volts, 2 amps of DC power. 44 x 1. This unit measures 4.


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