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Xm Onyx With Car Kit And Xm Compact Sound System

Xm Onyx With Car Kit And Xm Compact Sound
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Searching to buy a brand new satellite for the vehicle? Examine the Xm Onyx With Car Kit brought to you by Sirius Satellite Radio! I feel you will love that the item offers this feature, the xm onyx satellite radio offers much more than traditional radios. Other features include bundle the xmas100 with the xm onyx and dock and play xm satellite radio. The satellite dimensions are 18.5"H x 8.2"L x 5.6"W. It has a weight of 6 lbs. These satellites comes in black. To assure your transaction goes smoothly and everybody comes out satisfied, I'll offer some pointers prior to purchasing this product. To make sure you will not be dissatisfied after purchasing it as well as in accordance with the item you really want. There are also price comparisons from vendors we found, to make sure you really get the best value presently for this satellite, click the weblink below.

The XMAS100 and Onyx Bundle. The XM Onyx Satellite Radio gives substantially much more than traditional radios. Small in size, the XMAS100 combines four full-range speakers, a four-channel enhanced digital audio processor, bass boost, and a 16 watts RMS amplifier to deliver powerful, dynamic sound. Customize-it-your-way Satellite Radio for Your Vehicle and Beyond. Includes: Audiovox XMAS100 XM Compact sound system, home antenna, home energy adapter, remote control, 4 radio-specific dock adapters, user guide. The XMAS100 is compatible with the Roady XT and SKYFi 3, in exactly the same time as employing the Xpress Family of Radios. You can even personalize Onyx to match your vehicle's dashboard with selectable display screen colors and trim rings. The One-Touch Jump function gives you instant access to guests and weather info for 20 of the busiest cities inside the country, then lets you swiftly return to your previous channel. Do-it-yourself installation with Power Connect is quick and effortless: Just plug it into your vehicle's energy adapter socket to enjoy live satellite radio directly via your FM radio. The large color display as well as other advanced features maximize your listening experience. The XMAS100 includes an auxiliary input for any MP3 player or other peripheral audio device, together with a headphone jack for private listening. The included remote manage and LED indicators for power, source, and volume put you in manage of your entertainment. With XM Onyx, it's straightforward to enjoy satellite radio in any car. The Onyx lets you browse and explore other songs and artists without getting leaving your current channel. Pair the Onyx with an XM subscription plan that best suits you and start enjoying all your favorite music, talk, and entertainment at the touch of a button. Add accessories to enjoy Onyx inside the home, office, or anywhere in between.


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